Alzheimer’s Care Southern Arizona Seniors Can Count On

Seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s commonly feel a sense of loss. As the disease progresses, daily tasks often become increasingly difficult, and a senior’s sense of independence may diminish. Embrace In-Home Care believes an Alzheimer’s diagnosis doesn’t have to result in the loss of hope. Our compassionate, dignified home care services help seniors with Alzheimer’s remain in their homes safely and comfortably, surrounded by the loving support they deserve.

Alzheimer’s Care Green Valley, AZ
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Alzheimer’s Caregivers Provide Flexible & Customizable Care

The progression of Alzheimer’s disease is different for everyone. Some seniors lose memory and functioning quickly, while others only need minimal supervision and assistance for an extended period. At Embrace In-Home Care, we realize the value of individualized care. Our Care Managers will carefully evaluate your loved one to understand his or her needs and goals, and they’ll frequently monitor your loved one’s care plan to ensure the care he or she receives is appropriate. Alzheimer’s caregivers are available on an hourly or live-in basis any day of the week, during the day and evening and even overnight. As your loved one’s care needs change, the level of support can easily be changed as well. This level of flexibility and customization is part of what makes us a recognized leader in Alzheimer’s care.

Cognitive Stimulation for Seniors Living with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s care is about much more than simply meeting a senior’s basic needs. The right care can boost quality of life and longevity, giving a senior’s life purpose. Embrace In-Home Care provides high-quality Alzheimer’s care in an effort to boost cognitive health for each client. We believe receiving regular cognitive stimulation can be very helpful in managing the disease.

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s doesn’t have to mean an end to your loved one’s independence or quality of life. Embrace In-Home Care gives life renewed meaning, supporting seniors with reliable, dignified, and compassionate in-home Alzheimer’s care. To learn more about our Alzheimer’s care programs, call us at (520) 625-2050 and request a free, no-obligation evaluation.

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