Caregivers Who Provide Extra Help for Seniors in Southern Assisted Living

An assisted living community can be the ideal option for seniors who want to remain independent while having professional assistance close by at all times. However, not every assisted living facility offers the same range of services, and some aging adults may need extra one-on-one care their facilities aren’t able to provide. In these cases, seniors can call on the professionals from Embrace In-Home Care to come in and provide additional high-quality compassionate care in the familiar surroundings of the communities they call home.
Our expertly trained, experienced caregivers understand the challenges of aging, and they have the expertise to help aging adults manage all aspects of everyday life in assisted living. Southern Embrace In-Home Care offers customized care plans that include:

  • Flexible scheduling alternatives
  • Care that’s personalized to meet seniors’ specific physical, mental, and emotional needs
  • Assistance with daily tasks such as meal prep, bathing, and dressing
  • Emotional support, constant encouragement, and companionship
  • Assistance with exercise and nutrition
  • Transportation to medical appointments and social activities
  • Help with medication management
In-home Assisted Living
Assisted Living at Home

A Holistic Caregiving Approach that Focuses on the Whole Person

At Southern Embrace In-Home Care, our caregivers are trained in a holistic senior care approach that addresses every component of aging adults’ wellbeing—physical, emotional, and mental—by assisting with everyday activities such as preparing meals and exercising, providing mental stimulation and companionship, encouraging social engagement, and helping seniors maintain the level of independence that suits their abilities.

At Embrace In-home Care, it’s our goal to go beyond the basics of home care by encouraging cognitive wellbeing, socialization, self-esteem, a sense of achievement, reduce anxiety and fear, create a feeling of security through establishing routine, and enhance overall emotional wellbeing.

Caregivers Who Thrive on Providing Companionship

Companionship is a vital component of life for all of us, and seniors are no exception. That’s why we carefully match each client with a caregiver who has similar interests, personality characteristics, and life experiences. Chatting about favorite books, playing card games, or watching classic movies together offers benefits to both older adults and their caregivers. Casual, spontaneous social exchanges such as these help prevent loneliness and depression, and many of our clients and caregivers form strong bonds that develop into long-lasting friendships.

Aging in Place
Home Assisted Living

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We know how much you want your loved one to be able to live in safety and comfort and with dignity. When you add one of our compassionate, highly trained caregivers to your caregiving team, you’ll rest easier knowing your loved one is well cared for. If your senior loved one is living in an assisted living facility and needs additional reliable, empathetic care, call on Embrace In-Home Care in Southern.