Top 5 Services In-Home Care Agencies Should Provide

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When it comes to in-home care for older adults, every senior has unique needs that must be addressed. Though it’s important to take your elderly loved one’s individual needs into consideration, it’s just as crucial to make sure the agency you hire to provide his or her care covers a few basic services. These 5 are some of the most essential services any home care agency should provide.

1. Meal Preparation

Even minor changes to your loved one’s diet can have a major impact on his or her Health and wellbeing. Caregivers should be able to help seniors come up with tasty and nutritious meals that provide all of the vitamins and minerals they need. Meal preparation is especially important if your loved one has become a picky eater and it is negatively affecting his or her health.

2. Help with Grooming and Hygiene

Self-image is important no matter how old a person is. In-home caregivers must be able to help seniors look and feel their best by assisting them with daily hygiene habits like brushing their hair and putting on clean clothes. Keeping up with these important habits can also reduce your loved one’s risk of rashes, gum disease, and infections.

3. Mobility Assistance

Seniors with limited mobility have a high risk of developing digestive conditions, bedsores, and muscular atrophy. Caregivers must be able to move seniors out of the bed and into different positions multiple times throughout the day to prevent serious medical complications and help the seniors maintain their strength. Green Valley home care professionals can also help seniors walk with the correct body mechanics so their muscles do not become lopsided.

4. Social Stimulation

A lack of social stimulation can have a major impact on your loved one’s quality of life. Many seniors become reclusive as they grow older, but having a Green Valley, AZ, caregiver by their side gives them someone to talk to without having to leave home. These professionals can also provide transportation so seniors have more opportunities to visit family and friends.

5. Assistance with Basic Housekeeping

Many older adults must move out of their homes simply because they can no longer keep them tidy and clean. Some of the chores they might have difficulty with include mopping, taking out the trash, and moving heavy items, which are often easy tasks for caregivers to carry out. Seniors who have a clean home are much more likely to invite their loved ones over for social calls.

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