5 Renowned Elderly Social Media Stars

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5 Awesome Elderly Social Media Stars in Green Valley, AZ

A 2016 study revealed social media usage among the senior population tripled in a five-year period. These social networking platforms help seniors stay connected with their loved ones and interact with people from around the world. Here is a quick look at five social media stars who have become adept at this technology.

1. Tao Porchon-Lynch

At the age of 98, Porchon-Lynch is the oldest yoga teacher in the world. Over the years, she has marched with Mahatma Gandhi, helped Jews escape the Nazis during World War II, and danced on national television. She now uses her social media accounts to spread her message of peace, love, health, and happiness to thousands of followers and to promote new yoga instructors.

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2. Ari Seth Cohen

Growing up, Ari Seth Cohen always had a passion for photography, writing, and fashion designing. In a 2012 interview, he claimed the lack of mature faces in lifestyle and fashion media was a trend he wanted to change. In addition to working on his Advanced Style blog, he is also active on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Ari is known for his eclectic blend of colors, designs, and fabrics, which he refers to as “advanced style” fashion.

3. Judith Boyd

In addition to running an active blog called Style Crone, Judith Boyd has a massive following on Twitter and Instagram. She has spent the last few years helping older women embrace fashion, and she wants to take back the word “crone” and give it a more positive meaning. Boyd started her professional life as a psychiatric nurse, but she quickly realized fashion was her true passion. She now releases weekly blogs and videos that highlight hats, purses, and other accessories for older women, and she has been featured on dozens of television networks and newspapers such as Washington Post, CNN, The Denver Post, and Huffington Post.

4. Tom from OldManCooking

Tom spends his golden years passing on his knowledge of the culinary arts. He began his career as a chef at the age of 15 in a small BBQ restaurant just outside San Antonio. In addition to offering free cooking classes and videos on YouTube, he also runs a small consulting business for restaurants that are looking for new recipes. Some of his most famous videos over the years have accumulated hundreds of thousands of views and likes.

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5. Leona Flowers

Although she is the grandmother of Hollywood actor Miles Teller, Leona Flowers is making quite the name for herself on social media. Her social media following skyrocketed after she sent out a series of hilarious Tweets while at the Oscars with her grandson. She has recently been called the “Coolest Grandma Ever” by Huffington Post, and her Twitter page has over 14,800 followers.

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