6 Symptoms of Heart Failure in Older Adults

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Signs of Heart Failure in Aging Adults in Green Valley, AZ

The American Heart Association estimates more than 42 million seniors over the age of 60 have heart failure. Heart failure occurs when the heart is no longer able to pump blood efficiently throughout the body. Though heart failure is a chronic condition, medications, surgery, and lifestyle changes can help your aging loved one live a longer life. Here are some of the common signs of heart failure in older adults.

1. Swelling in the Feet, Ankles, & Legs

If the heart is no longer able to pump blood efficiently, it won’t bring extra fluid to the kidneys to be processed and removed from the body, causing the fluid to build up and swell under the skin. Though swelling throughout the body is common with heart failure, the feet, legs, and ankles usually swell the most. To check for swelling, gently push a finger into your loved one’s skin. If it leaves an indentation, the area is swollen.

2. Shortness of Breath

Congestive heart failure allows excess fluid to build up in the lungs and the abdominal cavity, which can make it difficult to breathe. Shortness of breath also occurs because the heart doesn’t get enough oxygen to the blood. In the beginning of the disease, shortness of breath may be pronounced during exercise. As the disease progresses, your loved one may experience shortness of breath while resting or sleeping.

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3. Coughing

Excess fluid in and around the lungs could make your loved one cough. When your loved one lies down at night, he or she may have a difficult time sleeping due to a dry cough. During the day, your loved one may have a wet cough that produces phlegm with a slight pink tint.

4. Lightheadedness

If the heart isn’t able to pump blood efficiently, the brain won’t get the oxygen it needs, which may result in lightheadedness or fainting. You may also notice your loved one has a rapid pulse as the heart attempts to provide enough blood for the body.

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5. Fatigue

Seniors with heart failure often experience extreme tiredness after light activities due to the lack of oxygen and the extra work the heart is doing. You may notice your loved one take a nap after going shopping or ask to be taken home early when going out to eat. Your loved one may begin going to bed earlier and waking up later because of this fatigue.

6. Nausea

If your loved one no longer has an appetite or feels nauseated, it may be because of his or her heart. As fluid accumulates in the body, it presses on the vital organs, which may make your loved one feel full when he or she has eaten very little. Your loved one may also complain of abdominal pain or pressure.

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