4 Seniors Who Enjoy Running Regularly

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Running Seniors in Green Valley, AZ

Seniors who believe they are too old to exercise might want to look at the accomplishments of other older adults for inspiration. Green Valley home care professionals want to share the amazing stories of 4 seniors who enjoy running and have made names for themselves because of their physical prowess.

1. Fauja Singh

This famous marathoner began running as a way to overcome his grief after his wife and son passed away. At the age of 101, he became the oldest person in the world to complete a full marathon. During a recent interview with CNN, Singh claimed laughter and happiness are the foundation of a long and healthy life. Now 105, Singh recently completed the Toronto Waterfront Marathon with an impressive time of 8:11:26.

2. Dick Hoyt

In 1962, Dick Hoyt and his wife gave birth to their son Rick, who was diagnosed with a relatively rare form of cerebral palsy, and it was suggested he would need to be institutionalized for the rest of his life. Instead of institutionalizing his son, Hoyt began looking for ways he could provide him with a long and fulfilling life. In addition to creating a groundbreaking communications device, Hoyt has also pushed his son in over 1,000 races, including marathons, ultramarathons, and triathlons.

3. Dave McGillivray

Dave McGillivray is not only a renowned philanthropist, but he is also one of the most famous runners in the world. He is the founder of the DMSE Children’s Fitness Foundation, a nonprofit organization that uses running to promote physical fitness in children. When McGillivray is not running, he travels around the world giving motivational speeches to huge crowds of health enthusiasts, students, and business executives.

4. Jeff Galloway

Jeff made a name for himself during the 1972 Olympics, where he trained alongside running greats like Steve Prefontaine and Frank Shorter. After finishing his own professional running career, he began researching new training techniques that would allow inexperienced runners to start this hobby without hurting themselves. At the age of 71, he remains an avid runner who competes in shorter charity races throughout the United States.

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